Recipe Round-up! Jams and Jellies

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I don’t know about you but around our house, we love homemade jams and jellies. On toast, pancakes, bread and sometimes just a touch on a sugar cookie we always have a jar open in our fridge.


We keep supplies on hand at all times for making jam because you never know when you’re going to be blessed with extra fruit you can turn into a treat for later.

Making Jams and Jellies can be a time-consuming task but there are a few great tools that can help make it much easier.

My favorite is the Jam and Jellie Maker made by the Ball Jar company.  It keeps everything contained and you can make small batches from time to time when you’re running low.

If your going with the traditional water bath option this pot and rack set makes a great addition to keep on hand.

While Mason jars are always readily available around our home I suggest you keep multiple sizes on hand. If you’re sharing with family and neighbors Ball also makes a great plastic jar alternative.  


You’ve got your jars lots of sugar on hand so it’s time to jump in! Today I’m sharing with you some of our favorite jam recipes.

Cherry Jam – Fab Food for All has one of my very favorite recipes and it’s a sweet cherry jam. I love the chunks of cherries in it.  She has gone on to win multiple awards for her jams and jellies. Be sure to take some time to browse her site. She has multiple jam and jelly recipes as well as tons of yummy treats!

Vanilla Peach Jam – This recipe from Family Food Garden is hands down a family favorite.  I made this and gifted it along with some fresh biscuits to my father in law for his birthday and he raved about it for weeks.  She talks about canning safety as well so if you’re new to canning or preserving that’s extremely helpful.

Blueberry Jam – This easy blueberry jam recipe from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen is another of our family favorites.  We have multiple bushes around our home and often end up with multiple gallon bags frozen after a good summer.  So after a few pies, sharing bags with our family and many smoothies we always have plenty left to make a batch up jam.

Carrot Cake Jam – Carrot Cake is one of my son’s favorite things ever. So when I found this recipe from Wicked Good Kitchen it was a must try. I understand that right now you’re sitting there going…Carrots? In my Jam? Trust me! There are so many flavors in this jam that you don’t notice the pieces of carrot. One thing it is for sure is absolutely yummy!

Christmas Jam – Martha over at A Family Feast shared this recipe on her blog and I immediately printed it out and stuffed it into my cookbooks. It’s a staple in our home now. I love cranberries so this recipe with cranberries and strawberries immediately caught my eye.

She also includes a sweet downloadable gift label on the post if you’d like to give this as a gift.

Easy Blackberry Jam – Blackberries are another fruit we always have an abundance of here so I’m always on the search for recipes I can make with them. This easy recipe from Charlene over at My Frugal Adventures is perfect. It takes about 10 minutes to make and is always delicious.

Old Fashioned Strawberry Jam – Karrie at Happy Money Saver makes a simple and savory strawberry jam.  I make multiple batches of this favorite each year and haul it across 5 states home to my older brothers.  We swap jam for venison snack sticks and hugs. Perfect swap in my world! Karrie has a great detailed recipe for this jam making it easy for even a newbie to make.

Bacon Jam – Yeah, I know this is a lot like the Carrot Cake Jam. Bacon? Come on now! Bacon jam on an English muffin makes my husband’s heart happy. Maybe not healthy, but happy for sure. He’s even been known to put this on his cheeseburger from time to time.  I’ve tried multiple bacon jam recipes but have found this one from Amy over at Belly Full is near perfection!  

Cranberry Pepper Jam – Mary from Barefeet in the Kitchen hands down does it best. My husband’s family are fans of spicy so this mix of cranberries and peppers makes a nice mix of sweet and spicy. I make one big batch and the men in our family each get a jar at Christmas to hoard for themselves. The guys have come to expect it and look forward to it each year.

Spiced Plum Jam – Plums are one of my own personal favorite fruits and I wasn’t sure about making them into a jam until I ran across this recipe from Oh So Savvy Mom. The mix of plums with cinnamon and nutmeg. Holy goodness!  

Apple Pie Jam – Columbus Foodie shared this really great recipe for Apple Pie Jam and we’ve really enjoyed it.  We’ve used it for our pancakes and even as a topping for our homemade ice cream.  I love fall and going to the orchards so having this recipe has made it easy to convince my husband and son to go along and pick apples. Between this and fresh cider, I never hear a peep out of them.

Easy Muscadine Jelly – Lori from Frog’s Lilypad shared this recipe back in 2011 and it was actually my first adventure into jam and jelly making.  A close family friend had started a vineyard full of muscadine and scuppernongs and I was excited when he called and told me to bring a basket and come pick all I wanted before his buyer came in to pick for wine.  I started the search and found Lori’s recipe. It’s been a yearly tradition since! My son and I pick while my husband claims he’s helping but in reality just eating most of the ones he picks and I come home and spend a few hours making this amazing jam.  I share a few jars with the vineyard owner and he’s always happy to see me come back with full jars.

Have a favorite recipe you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below because you can never have too many yummy jam and jelly recipes!

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