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Bring healthy cooking into your happy homestead!  Without toxic forever chemicals and will last for generations with proper care.

Premium Quality Grill Pan: This package includes a 12.6-inch griddle pan, two grill pan scrapers, and two silicone handles. Our griddle pan features easy-grease drain spouts and large easy-grip handles, while high ribbed ridges keep ingredients out of fat for healthier cooking.

Healthy and Durable: Made from high-quality sturdy cast iron material, this griddle pan arrives pre-seasoned for a natural non-stick coating. With no synthetic coatings or chemicals, it promises years of re-use, getting better and more flavorful with each use.

Pre-Seasoned: This 12.6-inch cast iron griddle pan offers superior heat retention for even cooking and restaurant-quality searing. Pre-heat the pan with a thin layer of oil to maintain and enhance the natural non-stick coating, which improves over time with regular use.

Perfect Match for Any Stove: Our grill pan is larger than a Lodge 12-inch griddle pan, making it perfect for large meals and vegetables. It can be used on various stovetops, including induction cooktops, gas stove tops, electric cooktops, and more, as well as for indoor and outdoor grilling or over a campfire. Ideal for cooking and making grilled favorites like pork belly.

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