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Apple Potato Fruit Peeler C...

This versatile 3-in-1 apple peeler, slicer, and corer is a must-have kitchen tool for effortless food preparation. Its premium materials ensure durability and rust resistance, guaranteeing long-term use. With its ability to handle various fruits beyond just apples, it offers versatility for creating salads, meals, and snacks. The stable suction base provides security during operation, while the easy-to-use hand-cranking mechanism simplifies the peeling process. Whether you're making pies, salads, or snacks, this apple peeler enhances efficiency and convenience in the kitchen, making it an essential addition to any culinary arsenal.


Premium Material: Crafted from premium zinc alloy and stainless steel blade, this apple peeler is durable and resistant to rust, ensuring long-lasting use.

3-in-1 Function: This versatile machine peels, slices, and cores apples with ease, offering multifunctionality for your kitchen tasks. It's also simple to wash and clean after use.

Versatile: Beyond apples, this peeler can handle oranges, potatoes, squash, and more, making it perfect for salads, meals, and snacks.

Stable Suction Base: Designed with a suction base on the bottom, this peeler can securely attach and fix to any surface, providing stability during use.

Easy to Use: Operating with a hand-cranking mechanism, simply turn the handle to peel, slice, and core apples effortlessly. Note: The blade is sharp, so use caution when handling.


Product Type: Apple PeelerColor: Red+SilverMaterial: Zinc Alloy & Stainless SteelDimensions:  11.8x3.9x5in    Weight: 1lbs

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