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We’ve discussed multiple times on our blog about ways to make money from your Homestead but one we didn’t talk about is Etsy. You can sell your items, find products for your homestead and support your fellow homesteaders all on this one site.

While most would never associate the two things you’d be surprised just how many items you can find on Etsy. Their entire business is built around handmade and homemade goods and no one does it better then homesteaders.

So if you’re looking for a way to bring in a little side cash or just looking to support your fellow homesteaders I encourage you to check them out.

Let me share with you a few of my favorite homestead items you can find on Etsy.

Homestead Odds and Ends

Like this amazing Organizing Binder Reformation Acres. It’s a great way to keep tracking of your homestead from year to year and keep your organized.

and I’m pretty much in love with this great Cow & Girl “Living the Homestead Dream” Shirt she sells.

Quinn from Reformation Farms is also the maker of some amazing salves. The reviews are amazing! Organic, handmade and so many uses! She also had soaps, lotion bars, lip balms, and so many other items. The options are endless when it comes to making organic goods from your homestead.

I can not tell you how often I look at these Egg Aprons and have to talk myself out of buying one in every color. Amys Red Threads is the creator of this cute apron to help to make collecting eggs a little easier.


Gina over at Open Circle Seeds shares her amazing organic seeds. Every fruit, vegetable, flowers and even a few Welcome Weeds.

This Tall Purslane  is an awesome “Welcome Weed” 

Her variety of seeds is amazing and I love the fact she carries seeds I never knew I needed until I found her shop! Like these Lemon Cucumbers.

Signs and Woodworking

If you enjoy woodworking there is a market for you on Etsy. If you’re like me and can’t hammer two boards together evenly you’ll be grateful for the many talented artisans out there who can help you fill your home with amazing signs and decor. I love this Personalized Homestead Sign from Grace Haven Handmade.

And this stunning piece by Mill River Primitives is just fabulous.

Lotions, Soaps, and Candles

There are some awesome Homesteaders on Etsy selling a variety of great products from candles and soaps to lotions and salves.

I had stopped burning candles about 10 years ago. My husband had read an article somewhere that said there was a cancer-causing chemical in the candle wick and it was released into the air when you burned them.  He already wasn’t a fan of candles and this was the nail in the coffin for him.  A few years ago a friend introduced me to lead and zinc free wick candles. At the time my husband’s family had a business that sold a variety of goods and I was introduced to soy lotion candles. So I was thrilled when I found soy candles with lead and zinc free wicks.

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Emily over at The Homestead Farm gets rave reviews for her candles and started her Etsy shop so her customers could still get her products during her offseason. She’s got a great variety of scents.

Organic and milk soaps are some of my favorite things. I have a small stash in my cabinet but I try not to let it get out of hand because I would have a 10-year stockpile if I bought every scent I’d really like to have.  I have dry skin and I just love the way a milk soap makes my skin feel out of the shower.

North Woods Homestead uses milk from their grass-fed jersey to make their soaps.

Sara over at Rooted Earth Farms has a salve for every member of your family. From your hardworking spouse and sweet children to your 4 legged family members. She has a great variety of products and herbal goods.

Getting Started on Etsy

The options really are endless on Etsy as long as it’s handmade. If baking and candy making is your thing there is a great market for that and people have grown to really appreciate a more organic way of life. So I encourage you to check out Etsy if you’re a homesteader.

If you think you might be interested in giving Etsy a try for yourself let me tell you a little bit about how it works. You pay a per listing fee and a percentage based on the amount of your sale. Just like Ebay and other platforms. It’s .20 per listing posted to your shop then 3.5% of the sale. Now, I’ve been selling on Etsy since 2010 and I do not ever remember this number going up and they do not take a percentage of your shipping charges, unlike some online sales platforms. You can learn more about selling on Etsy via their Seller Handbook. I’d encourage you to check it out and if you’re ready to take the leap here is an Invitation code that will get you 40 free listings!

It will help you get started practically for free and get items in your shop without having to pay the initial listing fees.

If you have any questions please leave us a comment below and we will do our best to answer all your questions.

Have a great day and Happy Homesteading!

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