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Manual Meat Grinder and More

You need this versatile Manual Meat Grinder in your kitchen.  It's heavy-duty, hand-operated, and has so many uses! Not just a meat mincer, this machine also doubles as a sausage maker and noodle maker, making it a multifunctional addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Key Features:

Comfortable Handle: Designed with ergonomics in mind, the handle ensures ease of use and efficiency in grinding, allowing you to control the speed to suit your needs.

Multifunctionality: This grinder isn't limited to meats; it's also perfect for creating homemade sausages, noodles, and even grinding pepper, chili, or other spices into powder.

Secure Tabletop Clamp: Comes with a wide-opening clamp (up to 3cm/1.18in) that securely attaches to tables or countertops, ensuring stability during use. The clamp includes a protective plastic plate to prevent scratching surfaces.

Quality Construction: Made from premium aluminum alloy and PE, this grinder is non-toxic, safe, and built to last, promising delicious homemade foods every time.

Easy Maintenance: Simple to disassemble and clean. The device is designed for water cleaning and easy wiping. The cross blade and round knife require oiling after cleaning to ensure longevity.


Material: Aluminum Alloy + PE

Color: Silver

Maximum Clamp Opening: 3cm/1.18in

Handle Width: 7cm/2.76in

Dimensions: 21x14x7cm/8.26x5.51x2.76in

Weight: 674g/1.48lbs

Package Includes:

1 Manual Meat Grinder

1 Sausage Funnel

1 Noodle-pressing Plate

2 Powder Grinder Parts

1 User Manual

Note: For optimal grinding, cut meat into small pieces. Handle with care during use. Regular maintenance is advised for prolonged performance.

Transform your kitchen experiences with this all-in-one Manual Meat Grinder – perfect for those who love to explore different aspects of cooking!

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